The Norwegian Argo Infrastructure


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NorArgo is an ocean observing system for the Arctic that monitor, in near real-time, essential physical and ecosystem variables. It will operate an array of ~30 autonomous vertical profiling floats, Argo floats, that will carry various sensors (pressure, temperature, salinity, oxygen, pH, nitrate, etc.). NorArgo is funded by the Norwegian Research Council for 2018-2023 (through the infrastructure project NorArgo2).

Published 19.11.2018 - Updated 19.11.2018

NorArgo2 Workshop

A workshop in the infrastructure project NorArgo2 was held 16th October in Bergen with eight participants.

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Published 03.07.2018 - Updated 03.07.2018

Euro-Argo Meeting in Bergen

During the two days 26-27 June Institute of Marine Research was host for the Euro-Argo ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) Management Board meeting. 15 persons attended from nine European countries. 

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Published 03.07.2018 - Updated 03.07.2018

The three first Argo floats deployed

The three first Argo floats in NorArgo2 were deployed on a cruise with R/V Johan Hjort during 21st May – 4th June. Two of the floats were deployed in the Greenland Sea while the third was deployed in the Lofoten Basin (Norwegian Sea). 

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