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The Norwegian Argo Infrastructure

The Norwegian Argo Infrastructure


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NorArgo is an ocean observing system for the Arctic that monitor, in near real-time, essential physical and ecosystem variables. It will operate an array of ~30 autonomous vertical profiling floats, Argo floats, that will carry various sensors (pressure, temperature, salinity, oxygen, pH, nitrate, etc.). NorArgo is funded by the Norwegian Research Council for 2018-2023 (through the infrastructure project NorArgo2).

R/V Johan Hjort
Published 14.06.2021 - Updated 14.06.2021

Argo deployments and status in 2021

In 2021, twelve new Argo floats were deployed in the Nordic Seas during a cruise with R/V Johan Hjort in April/May with Henrik Søiland (IMR) as cruise leader.

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Status Nov Fig 1
Published 26.11.2020 - Updated 26.11.2020

NorArgo Status November 2020

NorArgo deployed 12 new Argo floats in 2020, and today there are 65 operative Argo floats in the Nordic Sea, Barents Sea and Polar Ocean (North of Svalbard). 29 of these are Norwegian Argo floats.


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New Argo float dep Bilde 1
Published 26.11.2020 - Updated 26.11.2020

New Argo float deployments in 2020

In 2020, twelve new Argo floats were deployed in the Nordic Seas. Eleven of these floats were deployed during two cruises with R/V Kristine Bonnevie, in April/May and in August, both with Henrik Søiland (IMR) as cruise leader.

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bøye2 norargo DSC 0030
Published 20.12.2019 - Updated 20.12.2019

Second annual meeting of NorArgo2

The second annual meeting in the infrastructure project NorArgo2 was held in Bergen 12th December. 20 people attended, including representatives from the advisory group. There were several presentations, also external, in addition to the presentation of the project status. The advisory group also gave their comments and recommendations.

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