The Norwegian Argo Infrastructure


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NorArgo is an ocean observing system for the Arctic that monitor, in near real-time, essential physical and ecosystem variables. It will operate an array of ~30 autonomous vertical profiling floats, Argo floats, that will carry various sensors (pressure, temperature, salinity, oxygen, pH, nitrate, etc.). NorArgo is funded by the Norwegian Research Council for 2018-2023 (through the infrastructure project NorArgo2).

Published 20.12.2019 - Updated 20.12.2019

Second annual meeting of NorArgo2

The second annual meeting in the infrastructure project NorArgo2 was held in Bergen 12th December. 20 people attended, including representatives from the advisory group. There were several presentations, also external, in addition to the presentation of the project status. The advisory group also gave their comments and recommendations.

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Published 20.12.2019 - Updated 20.12.2019

NorArgo Newsletter is out!

The first Newsletter from NorArgo is distributed! Link to the Newsletter can be found on this web page. The aim of these news briefs is to provide updates on NorArgo activities. Please contact us if you would like to share Argo related information in a future Newsletter.

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Published 09.05.2019 - Updated 09.05.2019

BGC and Deep float training session

The Biogeochemical (BGC) and Deep Argo float training session within the NorArgo2 project, organized by Institute of Marine Research, was held 2930 April in Bergen.

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